About Digital Paint          

What we are:

After the Quake Innovations leader/coder decided to "retire" from Quake coding, we didn't want to disappoint the ever-growing number of Quake Paintball fans, so we started up Digital Paint.  We made the majority of Paintball for Quake1/QW, and created the sequel, Paintball2, for Quake2.  In the future we plan to make better versions for the better upcoming games like Half-Life, Quake3: Arena, etc.
Who's in it:
Everyone who is currently in Digital Paint worked with Quake Innovations (makers of paintball for quake/quakeworld), with the exception of Nutiket, TiGeR and WarZone. The Digital Paint group is made up of very talented programmers, modelers, graphic artists, and mappers. 

(in no particular order) 
Jitspoe - Graphics/models/levels/web 
Calrathan - Coding/levels 
SmokeYa - Coding/porting/servers/web 
Texas Outlaw - Specs/sounds 
Nutiket - Levels/web/pr/graphics
TiGeR - Levels 
WarZone - Coding

Digital Paint's Paintball 2:
Digital Paint's Paintball 2 is as close to real life paintball as you can get (without the welts). Digital Paint's latest release of Paintball 2 is "beta5." This hot new version has the following features: 
  • A whole new custom color palette and textures (this allows DP maps to look more like real paintball fields and not like outerspace as the original Quake2 palette was designed)
  • Paint grenades! Take out those enemies in those hard to reach bunkers!
  • Smoke grenades! The enemy can't hit what they can't see! or can they?
  • Paintballs that actually splatter and stick to walls for a short amount of time! Look out, things can kinda get messy quick!
  • Many original maps of realistic looking paintball fields!
  • An excellent map rotation scheme which also allows players to vote for maps! No more waiting for stupid server ops to change the map! Players can easily view the maplist and see the order of maps to come.
  • Several different game play modes including 2 flag CTF, 1 flag CTF, Siege and deathmatch! Several other modes are on the way!
  • Supports up to 4 teams at once! (red, blue, purple, and yellow teams!)
  • 7 realistic looking paintball guns including: the pgp, stingray, carbine, VM-68, Spyder SE, Autococker, and Automag! These guns have some really amazing models and textures!
  • New map entities such as teamwalls and team doors! Even Dynamic Sizing maps!
  • Other paintball accessories such as hoppers, barrels, and co2 bottles!
  • A full featured and totally custom HUD and scoreboard! The HUD has several modes of operation
  • Chase cam with several modes of operation and views
  • Supports custom Fun Names! Put funky paintball splatters in your name!
  • DP paintball has many sophisticated console commands such as id, alive, maplist, rotation, timeleft, flagstatus, etc. Too many to list!
  • Both Linux and Solaris ports of Paintball 2 are also available! Solaris i386 on the way!
  • And probably a whole bunch of other features I forgot about!
You're still reading this? What are you waiting for? Go download Digital Paint's Paintball 2 and have the most fun you can have with a mouse in your hand! 
Wonder what some reviewers think of our mod?  Check out the reviews section here.  I think you'll find they were pretty impressed.  Don't take their word for it though. Be sure to check out paintball 2 for yourself, if you haven't already :)