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July 31st `98          
It's HERE! 

The first beta of Digital Paint's Paintball II has been released!!! Go grab it in the files section!  (That picture is the console background, btw... using Paintball2 palette!) 


July 30th `98          
Okay okay, i said i'd give u a surprise. Well, hope you like it! here is an image i put together for pb2. Oh, and sorry for the lack of updates 
If you think that was all, you are gravely mistaken. Here is your BIG cookie. Hope its as tasty as you expected!  (i told you guys we were killing ourselves over this... 
Eat Paint! 

   Digital Paint, Paintball 2.0 release announcement!  This modification for 
   Quake2 is as close to  real life paintball as you can get, or may want to 
   get.  Why spend countless hundreds on a paintball marker, equipment and field fees, while 
   you can load up Paintball 2 and take the field for free!  Paintball 2 by 
   Digital Paint is the Quake2 version of the very popular Paintball 1.0 by 
   Quake Innovations, which was continued by Digital Paint through to the 
   latest version.  Paintball 2 features an entirely NEW PALETTE, which lets 
   us make the most realistic outdoor environments ever!  Paintball 2 also 
   features new models and new skins for the ported Paintball 1.x models.  

   Paintball 2 by Digital Paint ( will be 
   released to the public in beta form between friday and saturday night, 
   depending on any last minute bugs that spring up.  As of now the mod 
   is in BETA form which means it is not complete, and some aesthetic details 
   will be absent.  Digital Paint will plan on releasing update client and 
   server packs weekly. 

   The release will contain 3 map favorites ported from quake 1 and brand new 
   quake2 paintball map, designed for the quake 2 features such as ducking. 
   The features added on top of the ported quake1 base are: 

Support for up to 4 teams ( Red | Blue | Purple | Yellow ) in which 
   the map designer can choose a combination of colors for use in their 
   custom paintball maps. 
  Brand new palette. This palette is designed to benefit the paintball 
   ambiance by providing the colors which define the outdoors world. 

  200+ new textures! Custom designed textures for your maps featuring all 
   sorts of paintball specific themes. Woods, barks, colored woods and  
   metals, grasses and 3 specifically designed outdoor environment maps! 

  Support for multiple flags per team! However unused in the beta release 
   the code fully supports unlimited flags per team, with specific  
   point values allowed to be given by the map designer! 

  More realistic paintball physics making game play much mode appealing 
   visually and strategically. 

 New models for multiple guns! New skins for ALL the guns!  

   Even though this is all we here at Digital Paint have to show for our 17 day  
   development spree, this is only the beginning! Now that the base code is 
   out we are giving the paintball 1.x fans a chance to get in on the fun of 
   quake 2, with all the features they have learned to love and respect in 
   the classic quake1 version.  But on top of that, we will be releasing  
   weekly update packs to bring you the new features you come to expect from  
   quake 2 modifications.  We do not plan to slow down our efforts to bring 
   you the best mod in quake history.  

   Some new features have been coded, however were not tested enough to be 
   considered stable enough to be put into the Paintball 2 beta.  We hope 
   to bring these to you as soon as possible. 

   For all you fans out there who want this mod to be the best it can be, 
   email all suggestions and bug reports (after release please) to  

   What would a release be without a _PARTAY_!!  Of course we'll have one! 
   Come join us on #paintball on GamesNet ( anytime friday 
   and saturday to get the latest on paintball 2 and talk with the other 
   loyal fans! The channel will be open as your reading this, but the party 
   wont start until 9:00pm EST Friday night.  If you don't have irc, go 
   download the mIRC client from and celebrate with us! It will 
   be WELL worth it!


July 23rd `98          
Slite Changes 
Nothing much... added some more stuff to the help section as well as Quake Innovations Paintball 1 to the files section (since all of us at Digital Paint were involved in it). 
Converting PB1 maps to PB2 
If you ever tried converting a PB1 for Quake map to a PB2 map for Quake2, you will have noticed that the lighting looks really bright and crappy.  You can fix this (as well as cut down on the ridiculous amount of time Quake2's rad util takes) by using the following command line: 
qrad3 -bounce 0 -scale .5
There are also some entity conversions that need to be done which I will post in the help section once everything is finalized. 

July 21st `98          
1000+ Hits! 
Nice to know that we have this much interest!  I've got some cool ideas for a site layout, but I think my time would be better spent working on paintball (since that's what REALLY matters).  If I ever get some "free time" (yeah, right), maybe I'll work on it, but for now... we have a site... may not be the best looking site, but hey! It gets the job done! 
General Development stuff 
Nothing specific can really be said.  Calrathan's working on getting bugs out 'n stuff in the code.  I'm working on getting the models to work correctly, look nice, be low poly, and getting some nice realistic skins on them.  Also, due to some "limitations" in Quake2, we will probably make a simple converter program so you can convert PB1 maps to PB2 maps w/o the hassle of loading up a text editor and manually doing a search/replace.  I'm still working on getting the lighting to look right -- I'll give another shot tonight. 

July 14th `98          
The Team 
The four main members here at DP would like to thank the paintball world for your support, and will be rewarding you with a buncha screen shots and information on what we're doing. 
Paintball 1.39? 
After speaking with QI leader cyberdog about the effects of not allowing myself to have ANY rights to the 1.x source, we came to an agreement which will surely benefit everyone for the time being.  An agreement has been reached allowing myself to modify the 1.x code for the sole purpose of fixing bugs and making it compatible with further versions of quake and quakeworld, in exchange I must give credit to QI for the development. (They made it so what's the problem with that) :)  So, I present to you (1 day late due to a damn stupid ISP that kicked me off for 8 hours) version 1.39 of QI paintball, patched by Digital Paint.  Here is what this patch does for you. 
· You are no longer flooded by the text "Ghosting Detected" when this

   error is detected. 
· Removed some hard coded server settings into the game used to patch 
  QW 2.20 and 2.21. The specific server settings removed are 
    sv_gravity 700 
  and the remaining ones are 
    pausable 0 
    sv_friction 6 
  the friction setting cannot be changed. "pausable" can be changed 
  in rcon, although it cannot be changed in server.cfg. 
· The "PGP" bug has been fixed to the best of our knowledge 
· Guns will no longer disappear from the map during play 
· Observers will now go at a speed of 425 when first connected and 
  not on a team, and will have the correct team name and -999 score 
  until joining a team. 

This is a server side upgrade. Servers get the patch HERE 
Clients and servers get QW2.29 HERE 


July 14th `98          
Welcoming SmokeYa 
We'd like to give SmokeYa a big hearty welcome!  SmokeYa will be working with Calrathan on the coding. 
280+ Hits Already! 
It's great that we've seen this much interest in Digital Paint already in the short few days it's been here.  We have nearly 300 hits and the page hasn't even been "officially" announced on the news and added to the Hosted Sites list! (I'm e-mailing Dakota right now and telling him it's ready to roll :) 
DP-QI Permanently Deviled  
Talks between DP and QI have finished.  After DP's contemplation and reluctance to accept the offers made by QI, a decision has been reached, and both groups have established that the division will remain permanent. QI offers are no longer standing, because further delay would cause current development to be worthless. 

The reasons for the refusal of the offers I have given in representation of DP are as follows. 

.The offers cyberdog made were such that DP's chances to make a Q2 PaintBall mod of our own would be severely infringed upon if not destroyed. We would like to continue working on this TC, and plan to provide the paintball community with a quality and aesthetically pleasing product, without having to worry about the progress of the competition.  If we accepted the offers, we would be providing them with the key to breaking up our efforts.
FX log released 
I have no real quarrel with FX, but after this conversation with him I figured this is the best way clear the air before the contents of such a log could be twisted by a false interpretation. Here is the log in question, and I don't deny I said it, and I confirm its authenticity.  I went into this conversation unsure about why I was in this situation with Cyberdog.  A brief talk with Jitspoe, TX, Smokeya, Hump, and various other paintball regulars i had the fortune to converse with while dead on a paintball server all reassured me that they supported me and helped me realize what I had forgotten. I am only human, and am sorry for all those who disagree with my final position. My doubt was strong when I talked to FX, and was only there because I had lost confidence in my coding abilities. I thank SmokeYa for signing up with DP, and TX for supporting us through all this.  As for I have noticed that they seem to take more pride in their indirect, "unbiased" attacks on DP and myself. 

I was writing this as FX was updating his personal page,  On it he satated the things in green. 

Calrathan had alot to say to me.. and was sincere about the whole conversation. I dont 
usually publish private conversations.. but due to attacks on me, my site, and friends.. i 
was forced to publish this log of me and Calrathan. 

In the first place, I was sincere about the conversation, but still in the state which I was not sure what was the right thing to do.  As for publishing this log, I saw no reason for it.  It is a blatant attempt to try to discredit myself and DP by a supposedly unbiased news site.  His reason for posting this log? Attacks on him and his friends. Where you will find there and what they were are beyond me because it was not done by myself or any members of DP. 

Let me point out a few major points in this log. Calrathan has made statements about 
quitting Splat, And has said it would be easier to take Cyberdog's proposal. We have 
reason to belive that Cal is being brainwashed to continue with Digital Paint to spite 
Cyberdog and Quake Innovations. 

I did make statements about quitting splat... Mainly because i was sick of all the grief i have been getting from people like FX about SPLAT. Many people who know me realize that i am generally nonconfrontaional and attempt to be friends with everyone.  As for "brainwashing" i dont see any merit to this accusation, and would like everyone to know that I myself  cannot make any decisions for DP, and that all members make them together.  My personal decisions are made by myself with VERY little external influence taken into account. I trusted fx too much lately and have decided to watch my back from now on.  I ask to post news with NO opinion in it if you would like to be UNBIASED which you obviously are not. Thank you fx, as I have said, i've lost a LOT of respect for you.  (pardon bad grammar, communicator keeps flashing as i type and its quite disconcerting.)


July 11th `98          
My Stand On QI 
I was planning on a final proposal, but since it seems Cyberdog mainly wants my graphics, and they are not included, I won't even bother since I'm sure he won't agree.  We don't really need the code for Quake/QuakeWorld.  We are starting the Quake2 code from scratch, and there are so many new and better game engines coming out soon that any more updates for Quake would probably not be worth the time since people will be moving up in gaming and fewer and fewer people will be playing Quake/QW, and even fewer playing Paintball 1.x.  My final statement: 
I do not grant Cyberdog and/or Quake Innovations permission to use the Paintball2 palette, colormap, pics, textures, skins, models, and/or maps I have made.  I do not grant Cyberdog and/or Quake Innovations permission to continue to use the Paintball 1.x gfx, textures, models, skins, and/or maps I have made in any upcoming 1.x releases and/or Paintball mods for Quake2 or any other gaming engine.  I do not grant Cyberdog and/or Quake Innovations to use recompiled, retextured, reskinned work of mine, and/or  work of mine with any other modification in upcoming releases of Paintball 1.x and/or Paintball mods for Quake2 and/or any other game engine.
 Newer Page Layout 
Yet another attempt at a newer layout.  Just kinda experimenting, nothing final.  Calrathan likes it darker, but I feel that Paintball isn't as "dark" as most games are... *shrug*  If you Cal's news format, you can look at it here, or look at the original news format here.  Please e-mail me or Cal and give some of your opinions.  We're open to suggestions and/or layouts! 

July 10th `98          
New Page Layout 
Okay, i took some initiative and just spruced up the news page.  I hope you like it for now, but we are still looking for people to help out by sending in a totally new design idea. Until then, we are stuck with whatever Jit and I come up with. 
Cdog & Quake Innovations 
This while issue with QI probably has Jit and me looking like shit.  I have already gotten many protests from people saying we should patch things up and get back together.  I have already spoken with Cyberdog on these issues and neither Jit or I want to work under Cdog.  As for the proposal Cdog made with us working in a "pact", i don't see anything pact like in it.  It basically give DP the code to update after final versions are released, and still gives us obligations to QI before that will happen.  Plus, if any of you have read the Q2 source code license agreement, you'll notice that it gives the original author of the code sole development rights (excepting ID software themselves) and if Cdog wishes in the future, gives him the right to extract all development rights from us.  Its once again a position with Cyberdog having power over us, and more over power to neutralize this group.  At this point we do not trust Cdog with that power, as we have had difficulties with him in the past.  As for Jit's decision with what to do with the models/palette/textures/maps for Q2, I'll have to let him post on that since im not sure what's going down with that. 

July 9th `98          
Paintball Continues! 
It looks like the Quake Innovations leader might be coming back... Digital Paint will continue to work as a group entirely separate from QI in producing a paintball mod for Quake2. 
Links Section Added 
Not much to brag about... but it's there :) This page is slowly starting to form... 

July 8th `98          
New Page Up! 
(sort of) It's still under heavy construction -- but it's up! Digital Paint is basically a remake of the paintball division of Quake Innovations. Unfortunately some conflicts arose and our leader quit, but the rest of us are back on our feet again, and will hopefully be able to bring you the much anticipated Paintball II soon! 
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