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September 30th `98          
Entity List Complete 
The entity list in the help section is done, finally.  I should be sleeping, but I thought I'd do that instead :) 
Automag Done 
The automag v_model is done, and will definitely be in beta4 (which we oughta get out here soon before someone kills us :)  I may try to finish the rest of the models up tho so we can make it a big release. 

September 27th `98          
BBoard Fix 
I fixed a little bug with the BBoard... When you posted a message, it used to open up another browser window.  It should work normally now. 
Help Section Update 
Just a minor thing - The help section has been updated for the Quake2 3.19 upgrade.  (It's a newbie thing - most of you won't care). 

September 23rd `98          
Capturization Review! 
W00P!  Another good review :)  Capturization has posted a review of our Paintball2 mod.  We got a 97.5%, putting us as #1 on Capturization!! Woo-hoo! 
Deathmatch Paintball 
If you're tired of playing with flags... or don't have a good number of people to play with 2 teams... there's always the good 'ol deathmatch!  1-Shot kills make for some very fast-paced, intense battles.  I've got one DM map that's done and will be included in Beta4, and after testing it and finding out what a blast DM mode is, I'm sure there's gonna be lots more to come :)  --There's 2 types of paintball DM-er's... the cautious ones with reflexes of steel, and the ones covered in paint-- 

September 15th `98          
Servers Updated 
Sorry for the delay.  The servers are updated to 3.19 now.  SmokeYa, the guy who runs the servers, was having a little trouble with his remote admin software.  All is well now :) 
Entity Descriptions 
I've started working on a list of Paintball2 entities and descriptions for them in the Map Building section of the Help section.  Check it out here
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September 9th `98          
Java IRC Chat Client 
Kewlness!  We've got a nice RIGamer chat client for our page now, so if ya wanna talk to us live, go check it out here.  You've gotta have a java-capable browser like Netscape 4 to use it. 

September 7th `98          
Time For an Update 
It's been quite a while since the last update...  Now that a lot of us are in school, it's just hard to accomplish what we have been when we had loads of free time.  We will, of course, have more releases coming :) 
Change in IRC Servers 
We moved our channel from GamesNET to RIGamer.  RIGamer's kinda small now, but it has a lot better services, cooler IRCOPs and stuff.  So if you wanna chat with the makers and players live, grab mIRC (if you don't have it already), load it up, type /server and /join #paintball 
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