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August 27th `98          
Viewmodels Soon! 
I know it's been kinda slow, bet they've been coming along...  I've just been so busy with the RealLife(tm) that it's hard to keep up with the cyberworld : \.  They are coming tho... really!  In fact, you can take a peek at the autococker over in the screen shots section. 
New Members Added 
I've been kinda slow with the updates lately, but I finally got around to putting the new Digital Paint members (TiGeR and WarZone) in the about section. 
New Mod - Assimilation 
A couple of the guys in DP have put together a sort of "overnight mod" called Assimilation.  Kinda like the BORG, you have to "assimilate" members of the other team and they become part of yours.  It should be in the files section soon. 

August 21st `98          
New Members !! 
Digital Paint would like to welcome  2 new members to the fold.  The first member is TiGeR.  He has many skills, but map making is his forte.  The second member is WarZone of fragstain fame. They have both volunteered to add their considerable talents to the efforts of Digital Paint !!  We are also still  working on our new hud graphics and Jitspoe is hard at work on the v_models.  TiGeR is busy working on his next map and it appears to be a monster in size.  He is the author of castle1 that was added to the beta3 map pack.   Ought to be great for some clan matches.   I can't wait to see it completed. 

August 20th `98          
Beta3 Installer Fix 
If you were getting the error about USER32.DLL when you tried to install the beta3 client,  I've created a fixed EXE. Give it a couple hours to upload and get mirrored (as of 9:00 est), then go grab it in the files section. 

August 18th `98          
Beta3 Server Fix 
There were some bugs that were in the beta3 server pack that cased some crashing.  This has been fixed. Go grab it in the files section. 
'Nother Review's MODhouse has put up what I think is the 5th Paintball2 review.  Kewlness :)  Check it out here

August 17th `98          
Beta3 is Here! 
Go grab it in the files section.  Here's some of the stuff it will include: 
  • New HUD/Status bar options
  • New map and revisions of old ones
  • Grenade icons
  • Overflowing cut down to almost none
  • Better overall netplay

August 13th `98          
PB2's 4th Review! 
Wow :) Essobie has done one of his "Pseudo-Reviews" on Paintball2.  It's on the Rocket Arena In and Out page, under the news for August 13th. 
Files Section updated 
I know... beta2 has been out for a while and we haven't gotten to updating the files section.  Also, some of the links for the downloads were broken, sorry about that.  If you have any trouble with the download links, email me

August 12th `98          
Yet Another Review! 
Woo!  Even though it's still beta, we are getting some great reviews on it!  This mod should be truly awesome "when it's done" :)  has done a review of Paintball2.  Looks good!  Check it out! : )  They also gave us this little award: 
Page hits reach 10k 
Yay, we've passed the 10,000 mark!  Johnny has sent me a screenshot of this "Kodak Moment."  You can check it out here.  Looks like we are at 12k hits now... also, Dakota ( guy) informed me that our page is #2 on the hit-o-meter... second only to the main page!  Woo!!!! 
Help Section updated! 
For all of you wondering why there was no help for getting in the game, well, it was simply "we didn't have time."  Actually we still don't... but I made some time to do it.   Unfortunately school has just started for me and i won't have much time now :(  I guess it's not too bad... I only have classes like Advanced Placement Calculus and Physics... not like i won't have free time *cough*yeah,right*cough*. 
News Archive 
Ok... we've got over a month in news here and it's getting rather large and out of had with all the stuff that's been going on lately, so I've moved the July news into an archive. 

August 10th `98          

Paintball II now in Beta II 

Okay, its 6:04 am. What in hell could posses me to stay up till now? Could it be.... a release? Yup. I said we'd have a release every week so here's you release for this weekend.  A great big shitload of stuff for ya, as well as  a released server DLL. Have fun with it, and don't die. :) Okay okay, here's the feature list. hope i remember it all. 

Lotsa new maps 
Paint Grenades 
Smoke Grenades 
"Expert" mode (all same guns) 
Map voting 
90% of overflows fixed 
Sized paint boxes 
New skin for 300 ball hopper 
New flag 
New flag indicators on HUD 
Flag carriers show flag on their back 
Server commands made 
Player skins modified 
Paintball physics made more realistic 
Entity GROUPING added 
Entity spawntype added 
Command restriction system added 
White "splats" for observers 
New console character set 

and more stuff, im too tired to remember though. 
You want your links? 
Fetch. :) 

New maps. All but one map was modified, so you need all the maps again. 

The full beta 2 client package 

For server operators. Yes you can run a server now. :) 

The client upgrade pack. From beta1 to beta2 

I remind you that this is still a beta and so all bugs need to be sent to me. Suggestions are welcome. 
Make sure you read the license.txt. NOTE. Readme.txt has an error. it references the directory 
/PB/ to extract to. Use /pball/ instead.  This typo was not fixed for the release and im not 
about to rezip and reupload 19 megs of stuff, and wait for it to get mirrored again for a missing 
"all" from a directory name. :) 

Interview with Jitspoe! 
Hey, interviews rock. Thanks to MESSED over at The Mod Pod for this. Messed was also the one who did the Paintball II review. Now for the INTERVIEW with the one and only Jitspoe of Digital Paint. 

August 6th `98          
Paintball II's Other 1st Review? 
I might have been wrong by saying that iMMoRTaL did the first Paintball II review.  The Mod Pod also did a review on it the same day (not sure which was first). So head over to The Mod Pod and check out their Paintball II review
Four (4) Team Map Support! 
Paintball II, as promised, will have support for four teams of different colors which can be used in any combination for a 2, 3, or 4 team map!  The colors are Red, Blue, Yellow, and Purple.  A map maker will be able to make maps using any of these colors in any way he/she likes.  If you check out our screen shot section, you can see a pic of a couple people from different teams on a 4 team map.  The map is designed to close off bases for teams that aren't playing (so matches can be played with 2-4 teams). 
Powerball/Paintball Directory Conflict 
Unfortunately there have been a few Quake2 mods that use a directory called "pball."  Paintball and Powerball are two good examples (not to mention the only ones that became popular :).  After a few emails, Josh and his team came to a mutual agreement that they would change their directory name to "pb2."  He also mentioned that this change probably won't be in effect until a newer version of Powerball is released.  I want to thank Josh for being more than willing to do this, and hopefully we won't have any conflicts in the future. 

August 4th `98          
Paintball II's 1st Review 
Hehe...  Paintball gets "one nut up" according iMMoRTaL of Pointless Audio.  Hopefully we we get "two nuts up" when it's completed : )  Interesting show.  You might want to check it out if you like hearing people get made fun of and prank calls and all that kind of stuff.... Glad he likes paintball at least ; ) 
Paintball II Master Server List 
For all of you who use GameSpy, but hate waiting like 20 mins to refresh a HUGE server list only to find a few paintball servers, we have a solution. : )  Simply right click on Quake2 (from the list on the left), select |Add server list...|, type in "Digital Paint Servers" for the name, and type in "" (no quotes) for the server list location.  You should now see "Digital Paint Servers" on the left of the screen under Quake2.  Double click on it.  A list of paintball2 servers should appear... have fun! : ) 

August 3rd `98          
Lotsa Hits! 
Wow... just a couple days ago King Adrock sent me a screen shot of the page with 3000 hits.  Now we have over 4500!  Woohoo! : )  I'm glad we have a lot of interest in this project...  It's this kind of support and inspiration that keeps us going : )  You might want to check out the screen shots section... there's some pics of the new Autococker in there : ) 
Game DLL and Server Files 
I've had a few e-mails requesting the server files for paintball... Calrathan is busy fixing up a bunch of stuff he wanted to get done before the server files were made public, so you'll just have to hang on until the beta 2 release which we will have out next weekend (hopefully).  It'll have lots of bug fixes, added features, some new models (such as the Autococker), and hopefully some more maps. 
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