Help and Documentation FAQ How do I install/reinstall/uninstall the game?
What's OpenGL? Where do I get it?
How do I tell what video card I have?
Where do I download drivers?
Why do I get the error, "Can't load pics/colormap.pcx"?
Are there any bots?
Do you make money off of this game?
I made my screen smaller. How do I make it larger again? / How do I get rid of the border around the screen?
Why aren't any servers showing up on the serverlist?
How do I start a server?
Can you add [insert gun name here] to the game?
The game locks up or crashes. How do I fix it?
How do I change my crosshair?
How do I change the font size?
How do I take a 'clean' screenshot?
How do I pick up/change weapons?
What's the best gun?
What do barrels do, and which is best?
How do you move so fast and jump so high?
When is the next version coming out?
How do I fine-tune my mouse sensitivity?
Why isn't anybody playing?
May I mirror the Paintball2 files?
What do I do if my question wasn't answered here?
Guides Installation Guide -- Read this if you're confused by how to extract a zip file or get an error about pics/colormap.pcx missing.
Server Guide (Win32) -- Read this if you're interested in setting up a dedicated server on a Windows machine. README This is included in the zip file, but you can preview it here for installation instructions:
Paintball 2.0 Alpha build013 README. Documentation Under Construction These files include information on client and server settings (incomplete):
Basic client commands
Advanced client commands
Remote op commands
Basic server settings
Advanced server settings Old Documentation This is older documentation.  Some of the information here no longer applies.
Zimbu's Paintball 2.0 Alpha 1 Guide
Paintball II 1.x Documentation
Paintball 2 Map Entities
Generic Quake2 Commands