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April 14th, 2005Paintball 2.0 Build 14 ReleasedThe focus of this build was to make the game more stable and to port it to Linux, so there aren't a whole lot of new features per se, but it does have some handy new things like scrollbars and an improved vote menu.  Also it comes with an installer that will register a paintball2:// protocol which can then be used for links on websites and such.  Handy if you want to set up a page for a tournament or some other event, or perhaps set up a php script which lists servers, then it's as simple as clicking on a webpage link to get into the game.  Also, on the subject of lists of servers, the new server version periodically sends heartbeats to a set of php scripts which in turn populate the server list that the client uses for its internal browser.  No more manual additions of ip's!  You can just start a server and it's good to go!

Here's all the nitty gritty details:

Paintball2 Alpha Build 014 Client:
- Bugfix: Fixed serverlist crashing or not loading due to corrupt serverlist files.
- Bugfix: Fixed "seta" command not to overwrite userinfo flags.
- Bugfix: Running a dedicated server no longer wipes the serverlist file.
- Bugfix: Fixed some things with the string encoding, so you shouldn't see "(build ?)" when people connect any more -- it will show the proper number.
- Bugfix: Expanded some buffers so userinfo won't get truncated.
- Bugfix: Replaced vsprintf with _vnsprintf to prevent buffer overflows.
- Bugfix: Fixed glitches in mipmapping.
- Bugfix: Fixed bizarre weapon angles.
- Bugfix: Fixed demo recording to store team colors and other information properly.
- Bugfix: Security fix relating to configs.
- Feature: "paintball2://" url parsing support.
- Feature: Maps you don't have will be italicized in the server list.
- Feature: "alias" command with no second parameter will display what the alias is set to, rather than wiping it.
- Feature: Vote menu beefed up to display only the maps that are on the server rotation.  Temp maps are italicized.  Maps that don't meet min/max player requirements are greyed out.
- Feature: Scrollbars!  Finally!
- Feature: Notification of new versions when updating the serverlist.
- Feature: Native Linux support, based off of the
- Feature: Windows installer.

Paintball2 Server v1.81 (build 132):
- "ignore" command.  Usage: "cmd ignore <player ID>".  Use "cmd players" to get player ID's.
- Build number of connecting clients is displayed.
- "swear_filter" now works properly with build 11+ clients.
- "gamename" is set so HLSW displays the name properly.
- "sv_noextascii" strips extended ascii codes at the server console.
- "cmd id" modified you have to hold the crosshair over someone for a bit before it displays the name (less cheatish).
- fixed "g_writestats" and "cmd stats" to use gun names.
- "sv_shownamechanges" displays name changes to dedicated console.
- You can now switch teams midround when you're dead. 4:50 AM 1/10/2005
- Fixed "join auto"
- players can switch to observer while in play -- it will just wait until they die or the round ends to switch them.
- added ip's to "PlayerConnect" in stdlog.
- attempted to make flag appear faster when dropped by a dead person, also made it not go flying.
- Servers send heartbeats to redundant php serverlists, eliminating the need to manually update the server list.
- If you attempt to add a map to the rotation that was added temporarily via votes, it will force add it permanently.
- FlagSendHome sets velocity to 0 before changing origin, so the flag doesn't spawn in the wrong place.
- default "sv_votemaptime" dropped to 6 seconds.
- Intermission changes map automatically if nobody clicks after "intermissiontime" * 3.
- flag instantly returns to base when "hurt"
- items hitting trigger_push now work properly, even if they touch the ground.
- Added mins/maxs support so bases could be added through .ent files.  Fixed escapes on siegecastle with .ent file.
- changed SV_CheckVelocity to scale velocity as a vector rather than each component.
- Made player renames not log when the player first connects (doesn't work for bots, though).
- "minclientbuild" worldspawn option in case mappers want to use features only available in newer builds.
- Made default "idle" time "65" so people don't get put on observer right after respawn.
- Fixed it so jailers can't noclip... again.
- "forcejoin" command.  Usage: "forcejoin <playerID/all> <team>", example: "forcejoin all auto".
- If a mapinfo file isn't found, the filename is changed to lowercase and tried again (stupid case sensitive OS's).
- lots of little tweaks and optimizations

Head on over to the files page and grab it.  Be sure to provide some feedback on the forums.
April 2nd, 2005Forums are Back!As promised, we got the forums back up this weekend!  Delirious now has full control over the server and can install handy things like the spell check library.  Now you won't have an excuse for misspelled words in forum posts. ;)
April 1st, 2005Build 14 DelayedIt appears a new bug has popped up that needs addressing.  From time to time, Paintball2 will, quite literally, go bananas.  Severe texture corruption can cause textures on the level to appear as a banana stating that you are a poor player.  The exact cause of this problem is unknown.  It could be a driver issue or something in the texture loading code.  Either way, typing "vid_restart" in the console a couple of times usually puts the textures back to normal.  I won't be releasing build 14 until after I get this fixed, but I should have it resolved by tomorrow.
March 31st, 2005Build 14 Nears ReleaseIt's almost there, guys.  Just hang on for a little longer.  While it's mostly a release to fix lots of little bugs and quirks, there are a few notable features:

- Native Linux support.  This means more stable and secure servers, plus it opens the path for new client/server features like fast map downloads.  Of course, it allows Linux gamers to play as well, without having to WINE.
- Automated server list updating.  This means if you ever want to set up a server, you don't have to give me the ip to add to the list.  It also keeps the list clean of servers that aren't currently running.
- Installer, for those people who just can't seem to figure out how to extract zip files.  This will also register a paintball2:// protocol, so connecting to a server will be as easy as clicking on a web page link.
- Ignore command, so you won't have to be annoyed by idiots spamming garbage.
- Scrollbars!  Something I've been meaning to put in since build 7.
- New vote menu, which downloads the information from the server so it lists just the maps that are in rotation (not everything on your hard drive).  The list greys out maps that don't meet the min/max player requirements and italicizes temporary maps (voted into rotation by users).  It shows the current vote points for every map, plus it limits the game mode selection to only what the map supports.  Take a look at the screen shots to better understand it all.

I'll put up a more complete list of features and bug fixes when it comes time to release it.
March 29th, 2005Status of the ForumsWe should have the forums back up this weekend.  Delirious is setting up his own server personally so we won't have to muck around with a leased server.
Four Months 'til DPCon 2005!That's right.  DPCon is planned for the weekend of July 23rd in (or near, rather) Charlotte, NC.  More details and signups to come.

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