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October 30th `98          
Digital Splat & Tourney
A new Paintball II page is up, Digital Splat, and what better way to start up than with a tourney?  Unlike the tourney we had not long ago, theirs will be CTF instead of DM.  The first 16 clans to sign up are guaranteed places.  Pickup teams are also allowed.  It will be all of next weekend.  Check out their page for more details. 
40K Hits
Well... I thought it was newsworthy :)
Brainstorming (Again)
Welp, it compiled successfully (and fairly quickly... as some people noticed I did a fast vis :)  Just some good testing, some minor fixes, a good full compile and it should be ready to go for beta5.  I also finished another map, Dark Forest, for Quake1 that I will hopefully get ported over to Quake2 in time for beta5.  I'll change it to the POTD when I get a really nice sshot of it :) 

October 26th `98          
Good/Bad News
Bad News: I attempted to install WindowsNT5 which changed my drive format then wouldn't boot, so I didn't have access to 2o of my drives (one of which has my development stuff on it) 
Good News: Microsoft release service pack 4 for WinNT4, so I have access to that stuff again and I'm working on maps and stuff again :) 
Good News:  I got my RivaTNT video card in today! 
Bad News: It's AGP, and my motherboard doesn't support AGP, so I have to send it back and get the PCI version :( 
I know... this should have been out in like beta1, but I've been kinda reluctant to finish it up, mainly because it's so huge and a pain to edit (completing maps is always the hardest part to do).  I'm making progress and should be done here in a day or so tho :)  You can look at the POTD today and see it's compile status...  Gonna let this one run thru the night.  I've got a Quake1 map that I never finished, Dark Forest, which I'll hopefully get done and converted in the next couple of days as well -- I'll make both a q1 and q2 version. 

October 23th `98          
Quake Paintball League
Bogleg, founder of the Quake Paintball League (QPL), has told me that he would like to start a Digital Paint Paintball League. The QPL would like to have 6 Digital Paint Paintball clans sign up for the league. Here is a description of the QPL taken from the QPL page: 
"The Quake Paintball League (QPL) will be designed for the sole purpose of creating a competitive, sportsmanship-based atmosphere for Quake Paintball clans to compete against one another. It's mission will be to provide the structure and regulation necessary for honest competition."
So those of you who are interested in some highly competitive paintball clan matches, head on over the the QPL page and sign your clan up for the Digital Paint League. If you don't have a clan yet, start one with some friends! The clan that I am in (the Smurfs) has already signed up!
More Digital Paint Servers
A few more servers have been added to the servers page. If you would like to setup a Digital Paint Server on Windows95/98, Windows NT, Solaris, or Linux and need help, feel free to email me for some help. 

October 21th `98          
PoopBot wins the first Deathmatch Tourney!
Congratulations to PoopBot for playing an incredible tournament! PoopBot managed to pull off a very decisive victory against a very tough group of opponents. I would also like to congratulate Rain and Flapjack who came in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. I would like to thank all the players that participated in the tournament. I hope to have bigger and better tournaments in the future. 

For some highlights and incredible screenshots from the tournament, take a look at the DM Highlights page. 


October 20th `98          
Update Lack
Sorry for the lack of updates.  I've been trying to get my computer recovered - NEVER attempt to install a beta Micro$oft operating system...  Just don't.  SmokeYa's been gone the past couple of days too.  And the weekend's over, meaning I have school - ugh. 
Deathmatch Tourney
For those of you who didn't catch all the stuff on the Message Board.  There's gonna be an informal Paintball Deathmatch tourney tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8:30 PM est.  Please sign up by emailing SmokeYa, and meet in #dptour on IRC.RIGamer.COM at 8:00 PM est on Wednesday.  There will be two 15 player matches and a final 10 player match.  The first 30 people to sign up will be the ones who can play.  If some of them don't show up, alternates will be picked from the people that are there.  Read the full details here.  Have fun :) 

October 17th `98          
The HUD is the thing dow at the bottom of the screen when you play -- shows ammo, co2, etc.  It's currently kinda ugly... but it sure won't be in the next release.  I've been working on some cool new graphics for it, as well as alive count bars, which we can put in there, hopefully.  Gonna rock :) 
CGI 'n Stuff
I was workin' on some cool CGI stuff.  I made a thing that makes it really easy for us to update the news section, and really easy for people to download too.  Unfortunately it didn't want to work when we brought it over to  Hopefully we can get it working... there's come cool stuff I want to do for the POTD, etc.  You can take a peek at it here until then, tho.  Not bad for my first CGI script, eh? :)

October 16th `98          
Give Digital Paint a Grade!
MeSsed, over at the Mod Pod , has set up a voting both to rate Digital Paint! Get over there and give us a 10! Digital Paint needs YOU to VOTE! .....Gee I sound like Uncle Sam =)
About Section
The About section has been updated with a complete list of the features contained in the latest release of Digital Paint's Paintball 2.

October 15th `98          
Reviews Section
With all the reviews we've gotten, I thought it deserved it's own section.  I'm constricting it here.  I'm not sure where I'll put it on the main menu when I'm done...  I guess in the about section.

October 14th `98          
Minor Changes
Just touched up the about section a little.  Not everybody was in QI... we got a couple new members.  And we DID get a paintball2 version out.  I'm sure you don't care.  This is just a nice little thing to fill up the news ;)  Oh... POTD's updated too (even tho it looks the same).

October 13th `98          

Server Update - Oops

Looks like we forgot to change the servers section from "Beta3 Servers" to "Beta4 Servers."  Also, it looks like SOC took his server down :(  But hey, we've got 3 new ones to take its place :).  Everything should be straightened out now.  Both the sever section of this page and the server list for gamespy. 
New Feature - POTD
We're doing a POTD (picture of the day) now, which we will try our best to update every day with screenshots, development pics, etc.  If you get a cool screen shot or something, be sure to send it in. :)  Once we get some CGI working on here 'n stuff, it should be really easy to keep up to date. 

October 12th `98          

New Link

Airgun Designs, makers of the Automag (best gun you can get in Paintball2), have linked us on their page, and we've linked them on our page.  Check out the links section to... well... see them in the links section :) 
News Archive
September's gone... and so there's no point in keeping its news here.  It's now been archived to here.  You can click on "Older News" at the top of this page or "September `98" down at the bottom. 

October 11th `98          

More Digital Paint Servers!

If you haven't noticed yet, there are three new Digital Paint Servers. These servers can be found at: 
  • Digital Paint Server (Solaris Sparc) - maintained by SmokeYa
  • Pyro's Play House (Solaris Sparc) - maintained by Pyro
  • - Hell's Digital Paint Server - (Linux i386) - maintained by Hell
I would like to thank both Hell and Pyro for being kind enough to put up Digital Paint Servers. It is much appreciated. 

For an easy way to find Digital Paint Paintball servers in Gamespy, follow the following procedure: 

1. In Gamespy, click your right mouse button on the Quake2 tab and select "Add Server List" as shown below.

2. In the dialog box that opens, enter "Digital Paint Paintball 2" for Name and enter "" for address (shown below).

This will create a new sub-tab under the Quake2 tab. Just simply right click on the new tab and select "Update Servers."


October 9th `98          
Digital Paint Beta 4 Server Files for Linux and Solaris are HERE!!
Digital Paint Beta 4 server files for Linux and Solaris are now available for downloading in the files section. Linux and Solaris server files will now accompany each new release of Digital Paint PB2. Quake2 installation files for Linux and Solaris are available at If you need help setting up a unix Quake2 server, a tutorial is available at the Linux Quake Page. A more complete tutorial for setting up PB2 servers will soon be available in the help section. 

There is currently a Solaris Digital Paint PB2 server: "Digital Paint #3 (beta 4 -Solaris)" at 


October 8th `98          

Beta4 Zip Fix

Apparently the zip file got corrupted when it was being uploaded last time.  This caused some things like missing splats, missing textures (checkerboards instead of textures), or the zips just not opening.  There's a new one on its way (in EXE form).  Check out the files section.  It will probably be a couple hours before it can be downloaded. 
Help Section Update
To go with the beta4 release there are, of course, instructions on installing it.  Check out the step-by-step instructions in the help section if you are having trouble installing the beta. 

October 6th `98          
Beta4 is HERE
Sorry it took so long, folks (actually this was released yesterday).  A lot of us have been caught up in the RealLife(tm).  School's started and the releases have been slowing down.  Hopefully we can get back on track and whip a bunch more cool stuff out soon!  Here's what's in beta4: 
  • Deathmatch mode (and a map for it)
  • Bug fixes
  • Colored masks to indicate teams
  • New splats (stick flat on wall temporarily)
  • Some v_models (you can see the gun you're holding)
  • A few new console char

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