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April 9th, 2011RSS FeedsWe've had news RSS feeds for a while, but the HTML link wasn't set up correctly.  Now you should be able to see the little orange RSS icon in your browser's address bar.  Click it and subscribe, so you don't miss out on any new Paintball2 updates!  We also support RSS feeds on the forum, in case you hadn't noticed.

If you have any issues or suggestions, discuss them here.
April 6th, 2011High-Resolution Textures In ProgressOne of the most-requested features was an official high-res texture pack, so it's in the works, now.  Here are a few examples (current textures on the left, high-res on the right):

The pack is about half-way done.  You can see updates and discuss it here.
March 27th, 2011New Serversisland55 from has been kind enough to donate several servers for official use: - Chicago, IL - Frankfurt, Germany - London

If you have suggestions for map rotations, etc., post them here.
Facebook & TwitterI'm not into the social networking sites at all, but webhead set up accounts for Digital Paint: Paintball 2 on Facebook and Twitter here:

Like/follow/subscribe and whatnot, and help promote the game!  Discuss it here.
February 25th, 2011Paintball 2 Build 32 Released!This build brings more bug fixes and auto updates and sorts the in-game server list.  Servers are sorted by a combination of player count and ping to help put the best servers for you to play on at the top of the list.

Client updates:
- Feature: Server list sorts by players/ping.
- Feature: Serverlist auto-updates and clears on update.  10:53 PM 2/16/2011
- Bugfix: Fixed issue with files not downloading that were in the "requiredfiles" field in maps.
- Bugfix: Fix for crash with long console lines then hitting up.
- Bugfix: (Hopefully) fixed OpenGL errors on some Linux configs.
- Bugfix: Fix for rare case where a client reconnect or potentially a laggy connect could result in an "active" entity before the connection finished.  11:59 PM 2/16/2011
- Bugfix: Fixed serverlist not updating if a player hasn't logged in or connected to a server first. 6:31 PM 2/21/2011
- Tweak: Various fixes to console text messages. (Thanks, T3RR0R15T).
- Tweak: Merged Linux and Win32 opengl code to make things more maintainable.

Game server updates:
- Fixed flags and pong ball keeping velocity when reset.
- Fix for people connecting during a map change being kicked for invalid clients.
- Increased MAX_INFO_STRING to 1024 to reduce "Info string length exceeded" messages. 1:13 PM 2/21/2011

Post feedback on the build here.
December 24th, 2010A Little Christmas Present for You: PB2 Build 31It's Christmas, so I'm not going to bother with a big summary.  The most anticipated feature is probably the interpolated hitboxes.  (Note: you must play on a server running the new version to see this in effect).  The rest I'll leave in the release notes below.  Merry Christmas!  Be sure to post feedback here.

Client updates:
- Feature: Hid model when chasecamming in first person. 10:42 PM 11/2/2010 (thanks zuluzet)
- Bugfix: Fixed netgraph so it doesn't wrap around in resolutions above 1024 (will still wrap at resolutions above 2048). 11:40 PM 9/8/2010
- Bugfix: Fix for server password menu not coming up sometimes (resulted in a get_password-attack.txt error). 9:25 PM 9/16/2010
- Cvar: cl_drawclockx and cl_drawclocky - Adjust position of the clock. Default is "-1" on both commands = centered on the top of the hud (like build 30).
- Tweak: Names now default to "noname#####" (##### = random number) instead of "newbie".
- Tweak: Made things MT to help reduce game hitches.  1:04 AM 11/2/2010
- Tweak: Changed filename from demos started with arecord. It's now like the filename from the autodemo on a server.
- Tweak: Added the resolution 1600 x 900.
- Tweak: Increased number of screenshots to 9999.
- Tweak: Enabled archive flag for cl_swearfilter.
- Tweak: Added ftp:// support to the webload command.

Game server updates:
- Replaced .skm in model keys with .md2 so downloading code will work properly and people will get the .skp pose files as well. 10:19 PM 5/18/2010
- tdm_tugofwar cvar.  If enabled, when one team scores a point, the other team loses a point in team deathmatch. 2:30 PM 9/3/2010
- Interpolated hitboxes. 2:30 PM 9/3/2010
- Fixed chasecam text to update immediately when switching chase targets. 1:20 PM 9/10/2010
- "newbie" and "noname" will have random numbers assigned them to make cheaters and whatnot easier to locate in logs. 1:09 AM 9/14/2010
- g_autobalance now autobalances teams whenever somebody disconnects, changes teams, or a round ends.  Tries to find the best match of player score to team score ratios when selecting who to switch.  1:03 AM 11/2/2010
- Autorecord now waits 4 seconds after connect to hopefully stop issues where recording tries to start before level is loaded. 4:39 PM 11/6/2010
- Bug fix for "eating" paint grenades.
- Added build number to "players" command.
- Improved bouncing physics.

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