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November 29th, 2012Paintball 2 Build 37 Released!The main purpose of this release is to fix some of the complaints about the popup dialogs.  These popups no longer require clicking OK and appear in the upper right portion of the screen.  To go along with that change, there have been several UI enhancements, such as butter looking dialogs and actual button graphics for things you can click on.  A number of bug fixes were included as well.

Here's the complete change list:

Build 37 Client/Engine:
- Feature: Server list sorting by type (name/ping/map/players). (Thanks, ViciouZ)
- Feature: Console input history is saved. 2:11 AM 10/3/2012
- Feature: Added buttons to menu system.
- Feature: Added "include" functionality to menu system. 2:43 PM 10/30/2012
- Feature: Text in the menus now goes through the translation system (to make supporting other languages easier). 11:26 PM 11/1/2012
- Bugfix: Fixed ability to translate dialog strings. 11:01 PM 9/26/2012
- Bugfix: Fixed bug where if you switched to full screen in a lower resolution and the window was too far to the side, the mouse would constantly register as moving. 2:28 PM 10/6/2012
- Bugfix: Fixed an issue with "getmaplist" command that was sometimes causing not all of the list to populate on the voting screen. 9:58 PM 10/29/2012
- Bugfix: Fixed a bug in my hash algorithm where it was allocating 1 less element than it should. 11:10 PM 11/1/2012
- Bugfix: Fixed a bug where if you clicked on a menu item, then moved the mouse off of it, the item would be stuck selected. 10:32 PM 11/5/2012
- Tweak: Stripped leading spaces off of server names in the server browser. 11:23 PM 10/2/2012
- Tweak: "map" command checks for the map in the "beta" and "inprogress" directories as well as the root maps directory. 9:28 PM 10/3/2012
- Tweak: Switched mouse turn variables to floating point for better turning precision. 9:49 PM 10/5/2012
- Tweak: Made it so the mouse cursor uses the windows mouse cursor position in windowed mode at the menu, and you can resize/move the window while the menu is open. 11:06 PM 10/5/2012
- Tweak: "getmaplist" command now outputs results to the console if the console is down.  9:59 PM 10/29/2012
- Tweak: "maplist" forwards to "getmaplist" command to stop overflows. 10:01 PM 10/29/2012
- Tweak: Revamped dialog boxes to use new bpic and wordwrap system and support translations. 10:33 PM 11/5/2012
- Tweak: Only attempt to auto-login if a password is set. 10:54 PM 11/5/2012
- Tweak: Made profile login failures display more informative dialogs instead of a generic one and printing the actual error to the console. 9:10 PM 11/6/2012
- Cvar: "m_fovscale" - If enabled, scales the mouse turn speed based on your FOV.  At 90 degrees there is no difference, if you zoom in or out, you will turn slower or faster, respectively.  Set to 0 to disable.
- Cvar: "cl_drawfps" - Added a new option, 3, which displays the lowest framerate every half second.  Useful for detecting single-frame drops. 11:32 PM 10/5/2012
- Cvar: "cl_menu" - Can be used to specify a subdirectory for custom menu files. (Thanks, T3RR0R15T)
- Command: "menu_refresh" - Optimized version of "menu_reload".  Only refreshes the current menu and does not reload menus from disk.  (Useful for advanced menu scripting). 10/6/2012
- Media: Revamped a bunch of the menus to use buttons and better backgrounds / borders.
- Media: Some tweaks to the tutorial map.

1.926 (Build 182) Game DLL:
- Made g_autorecord 2 only record on dedicated password protected servers, so if you start a local server and have a password set, it won't generate a bunch of useless demo files by default. 10:12 PM 9/18/2012
- Optimized entity searching in game code to improve server performance. 10:34 PM 9/18/2012
- Added an epsilon check to flag returns to hopefully fix the multi-flag-return bug when the flag is just slightly off from the base. 11:59 PM 9/18/2012
- Don't kick people into observer for idling in the tutorial map. 12:02 AM 9/19/2012
- Killed players velocity when he hits a tutorial dialog on the tutorial map so people are less likely to trigger multiple dialogs. 12:16 AM 9/19/2012
- Made it so people can't wave while moving, instead of stopping players when they move. 11:25 PM 9/25/2012
- Fixed a bug with bad a team/skin index when switching to observer and suiciding with grenades. 11:57 PM 9/25/2012
- Fixed people being able to suicide with grenades and kill (former) teammates. 12:55 AM 9/26/2012
- Changed sv_minclientbuild kick message to "You need build XX or higher."  Unfortunately it's limited to 64 characters so I couldn't get more than that.  8:19 PM 9/26/2012
- Tweaked "newmap" command to check for maps in the "beta/" and "inprogress/" directory. 12:55 AM 9/27/2012
- Stripped formatting from names when using the "listuserip" command. 6:10 PM 10/6/2012
- Fixed server shutting down with no spawn points when loading a map in elim mode that has spawn points that are all set to specific game modes. 10:47 PM 10/14/2012
- Added "lastmap" command - displays the map that was played before the current one. 5:29 PM 10/21/2012
- Made it so people can't use reserved/inappropriate names while not logged in. 8:35 PM 10/21/2012
- Added wildcards to the "rotation del" command (also fixed some bad logic that could lead to crashes). 10:42 PM 10/21/2012

Post your feedback on the build in this thread to help us improve things for the next build!
September 20th, 2012WIP High-Resolution Textures DownloadableIf you click on the downloads page, you'll notice I've added a link to download the high resolution texture pack.  It's still a work in progress, so not all of the textures are final, and a number of them have not been created yet, but at least it helps make the game look a little better.

Here are a couple more examples:

Enjoy, and post feedback here!
September 19th, 2012Paintball 2 Build 36 Released!The big focus of this release is adding a tutorial map so it's a little easier for new players to become familiar with at least some of the basics before getting into a multiplayer game.  I've also added a server-side check that will hopefully eliminate speed cheats.  I'm tired of global banning all of these speed cheaters, so update your servers!

Here's the changelist.

Build 36:
- Feature: Dialog box support. (Thanks, ViciouZ)
- Feature: Added "$bind(command)" to macro processing (used in the tutorial map).
- Bugfix: Fixed bouncing when standing on crouched players. 5:05 PM 6/9/2012
- Bugfix: Fixed crouched players disappearing when standing on top of them. 5:19 PM 6/9/2012
- Tweak: In-game server browser ping colors fade from white to orange (like the CO2 bar on the HUD) to help indicate server quality.
- Tweak: Made key bindings case-insensitive and display in upper case. 8:07 PM 9/6/2012
- Cvar: cl_dialogprint - disables dialog popups (set to 0 to print to the console). 12:57 AM 9/7/2012
- Cvar: m_noaccel - Replaces the old "m_xp" cvar and disables mouse acceleration for all versions of windows.  Windows 7 had it enabled by default (yuck). 10:03 PM 9/7/2012
- Cvar: sv_enforcetime2 - A new attempt to stop speed cheats. 0 = disabled.  Anything else = threshold, in seconds, before somebody is kicked for time discrepancy (Suggested value = 1). 12:28 PM 9/8/2012
- Media: Tutorial map.

1.81 Game DLL:
- Don't try to autobalance in DM mode. 12:19 AM 1/30/2012
- Fixed newmap and nextmap setting modes immediately. 8:48 PM 1/30/2012
- Moved streak logic so it should fix the bug where streak > kills. 12:16 AM 2/10/2012
- Added "tban" to "sv" commands. 8:29 PM 2/19/2012
- Should be possible to shoot players that have spawned in the same location as another player now. 11:42 PM 6/3/2012
- Teleporting inside of another player should no longer get you stuck. 12:17 AM 6/4/2012
- Disallowed just spaces as names. 1:09 PM 9/5/2012

As always, I welcome feedback, so post your thoughts here.
September 14th, 2012Web IRC Client ChangedDue to security holes in Java, we've removed the Java IRC client applet from our chat page and replaced it with a dynamic HTML version provided by Global Gamers.  We strongly suggest that you uninstall Java if you can, or at least disable the web browser plugin in order to prevent your computer from getting viruses or being exploited in other ways.
January 19th, 2012New Year, New Build - Paintball2 Build 35 ReleasedYes, the last public release was build 32, but this one went through a few iterations on the forums.  I wanted to make sure people were mostly happy with it before doing a full public release.  The biggest change is the fixes and tweaks to the player movement physics.  Things like getting stopped by stairs and bumps, losing control on slopes, and bouncing on elevators have been fixed.  Overall, things should be much smoother.  Also, in Windows, you can actually resize/maximize the window and alt-tab and continue to have sound, and on Linux, a major crash has been fixed.  Here's a full changelist of the engine:

Build 35 (2012-01-09):
- Bugfix: Fixed jittering/bouncing against angled walls on slopes.
- Bugfix: Fixed jumping on ramps with low ceilings not going up high enough and giving you a weird boost.
- Bugfix: Fixed the game taking mouse focus when it didn't start up in the foreground (Win32). 12:06 AM 1/6/2012
- Tweak: Reduced accel on ramps with the new physics (should behave more like the old physics).
- Tweak: Limited the length of names on the client to 30 characters so they don't get cut off on the server and cause logins to fail. 9:20 PM 1/8/2012
- Tweak: Limited menu sounds to once per frame so there isn't a really loud sound when you first launch the game. 12:45 AM 1/9/2012
- Cvar: "s_disableonalttab" - Disabling this now works with the default DirectSound sound.  Disabled by default so you can hear sound from the game while you're alt-tabbed out. 12:02 AM 1/6/2012

Build 34 (2012-01-02):
- Bugfix: Fixed menu widgets not repositioning correctly after the game window was resized. 11:02 PM 12/29/2011
- Bugfix: Fixed potential crash with server "say" command and made server chat display to the console. 3:15 AM 1/2/2012
- Bugfix: Fixed non-integer crosshair scales not positioning correctly. 9:29 PM 1/2/2012
- Tweak: Removed water uber doublejump with new movement physics. 12:03 AM 12/30/2011
- Tweak: "arecord" now prepends "auto" if no prefix is specified - (T3RR0R15T)
- Tweak: Made it so crouching in the air at high velocities should no longer be possible.  It's still possible to crouch at low velocities so crouching down slopes and steps doesn't bounce you up and down.
- Cvar: "sv_skyglide_maxvel" - Allows you to tweak the maximum velocity skygliding will retain, so you can't sky glide crazy distances from ice jumps, etc. 12:05 AM 12/30/2011
- Cvar: "sv_crouchslide" - enables crouch sliding.
- Cvar: "sv_oldmovephysics" - uses the older style ramp and step physics.
- Cvar: "cl_consoleheight" - Value from 0 to 1 to adjust console height (0.5 is the default) - (T3RR0R15T)
- Cvar: "sv_consolename" - Name used when you "say" something at the server console.  0 = "console", 1 = "Info", 2 = "News", 3 = "Help", 4 = "Server", 5 = "Admin". (T3RR0R15T)

Build 33 (2011-11-13):
- Tweak: Better movement control on slopes (hold the jump key to bounce and slide on slopes like you used to).
- Tweak: Made landing sound quieter for short falls. 11:57 PM 3/28/2011
- Tweak: Allowed non-integer sizes for cl_hudscale (example: 2.5 instead of 2 or 3). 12:48 AM 3/29/2011
- Tweak: Removed some (likely) obsolete code that could potentially zero out player velocity. 11:36 PM 4/12/2011
- Tweak: Made cl_drawtexinfo 1 only hit solid objects.  Use cl_drawtexinfo 2 to test clip, etc.  8:40 PM 5/5/2011
- Tweak: Improved stair smoothing.
- Bugfix/Tweak: Fixed not stepping/abrupt stops when jumping up stairs/onto objects.
- Bugfix: Fixed not stepping in places with a low ceiling. 11:37 PM 4/12/2011
- Bugfix: Fixed application icon (in Windows). 10:36 PM 4/27/2011
- Bugfix: Fixed corrupt screenshots at 1366x768 resolution. 8:57 PM 7/20/2011
- Bugfix: Fixed bouncy/jittery screen when on elevators.
- Bugfix: Fixed multithreading crash on Linux config.
- Cvar: oldmovephysics - Disable new movement physics tweaks.
- Feature: Added minimize, maximize and resize capability in Windows. 1:54 AM 4/28/2011

Here's a changelist of the game DLL:

*** 1.924 build 180 ***
- Fixed name formatting not being ended cleanly. 2:25 AM 1/7/2012
- Added message when you tban if the IP is already banned.
- Teamnumbers for all entities are swapped between rounds in Siege mode (except players and paint, of course). 11:10 PM 1/8/2012

*** 1.923 build 179 ***
- Tweaked camera bobbing so it's not so extreme when crouch sliding. 5:24 PM 12/31/2011
- Tweaked paintball projectile start point so it looks like it's coming out of the gun when you look up and down. 5:22 AM 1/1/2012
- Fixed balls dropping more than they should when you're standing on the ground with the new physics. 9:34 PM 1/2/2012
- Tweaked falling impact sound logic some more.

*** 1.922 build 178 ***
- Tweak to better support new physics (don't take falling damage if we're not falling).
- Added "teamnumber" support to trigger_multiple so triggers can be team-specific. 8:58 PM 6/13/2011
- Made .ent files load from the maps/ent directory (will fall back to maps directory if no ent is found). 11:55 PM 8/2/2011
- Disabled team switching after a match is over. 10:16 PM 8/3/2011
- Made "noname" and "newbie" names have random numbers after them even if the names have formatting. 11:02 PM 8/27/2011
- Fixed bug in siege where kills were counted toward the score after the round ended.
- Fixed bug where auto team switch would not work if a client was flooding team changes.

Enjoy!  The build is on the downloads page, and you can discuss it here.

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