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August 12th, 2014Community Tournaments!#sPec# and QeHs are running tournaments this summer/fall,  so round up your clan and sign up if you want to participate in some more organized competitive action!

#sPec# Summer Tournaments start August 16th, so sign up quickly!  Visit their information page for more details.

QeHs's tournament starts on September 26th.  If you plan to attend, please sign up in this forum thread.
October 16th, 2013Paintball 2 Build 40 Released!Build 39 was unstable when running a dedicated server, so we've skipped the official release for that.  It had several optimizations, and a bunch of small tweaks and improvements.  Build 40 adds a few bug fixes and raw mouse input support for Windows XP and higher.

Here is the complete list of changes for both build 39 and 40:

- Feature: Adding "missingpic" keyword to menu system so mapshots could display a default "NO PREVIEW" image instead of a grey box.
- Tweak: Improved model rendering performance a bit by using SIMD instructions. 1:02 PM 5/29/2013
- Tweak: Allowed crosshair scale to go below 1.
- Tweak: Improved entity point lighting using LordHavoc's code from DarkPlaces (use r_oldlightpoint cvar to toggle old system). 1:34 AM 6/5/2013
- Tweak: Made it so duplicate lines don't get stored in the console history.
- Tweak: Made the window position reset if the window is not visible on any monitor. 1:24 AM 9/12/2013
- Tweak: Disabled sound on alt-tab by default, since sometimes sounds were getting stuck on (seta s_disableonalttab 0 to reenable). 1:54 AM 10/6/2013
- Tweak: Changed default mouse sensitivity to 5. 11:37 PM 10/7/2013
- Tweak: Fixed fps counter alignment at 1000fps.
- Tweak: Changed cl_drawping display to display "ping" instead of "Png"
- Cvar: "r_hardware_light" - Enables OpenGL lighting on SKM models for better performance (on most hardware).  Enabled by default.
- Cvar: "cl_conback" - specifies the console background texture. (Thanks, T3RR0R15T)
- Cvar: "cl_menuback" - specifies the menu background texture. (Thanks, T3RR0R15T)
- Cvar: "cl_maptime", "cl_maptimex", "cl_maptimey" - Displays elapsed map time on the HUD at the x and y position specified. (Thanks, T3RR0R15T/AprQ2)
- Cvar: "cl_drawping" - displays ping on the HUD. (Thanks, T3RR0R15T)
- Cvar: "sv_blockednames" - Comma-separated list of names server admins can choose to block from connecting to the server. (Thanks, T3RR0R15T)
- Cvar: "cl_sse" - Enables SIMD rendering optimizations (enabled by default).
- Cvar: "m_rawinput" - If set to 1, this will use raw mouse input (to make sure any windows filtering, acceleration, etc. don't get applied and you have the most precise mouse movement in-game). 11:12 PM 10/7/2013
- Bugfix: Fixed issue with loading demos and maps (trying to open "Loading....bsp", etc.)
- Bugfix: Fixed occasional black splat models (hopefully). 1:24 AM 6/11/2013
- Bugfix: Fixed transparent surfaces on moving brushmodels (ex: doors) not moving.  Note that the draw order is still not fixed, so avoid putting them near other transparent brushes, but at least they will move.  2:12 AM 6/16/2013
- Bugfix: Made reflective water effect respect scale and rotation on maps (so flowing water flows the way the mapper specified). 12:01 AM 9/12/2013
- Bugfix: Fixed crash with dedicated servers. 10/7/2013
- Bugfix: Fixed integer overflow in sound code, caused by playing on a server that had been running the same map for days. 11:13 PM 10/7/2013
- Bugfix: Fixed "Can't load pics/***r_notexture***" message. 10/7/2013
- Bugfix: Fixed an issue where world would stop rendering after a vid_restart on some systems. 10:05 PM 10/8/2013

Here's the change log for the Game DLL (version 1.929 build 185) as well:

- Fixed issue where hitting a player multiple times in the same frame would count for multiple points is siege, dm, etc. 11:12 PM 6/12/2013
- Attempted to fix issue where priming a grenade could result in premature detonation of the next grenade picked up (couldn't reproduce it).
- Fixed grenades not dropping correctly. 2:42 PM 6/16/2013
- Fixed prediction miss collision issue with dead bots (caused that laggy/bouncy/warpy movement when running over a bot that had just been eliminated). 2:24 AM 6/17/2013
- Added messages to indicate when jails are forced or not present in maps when using the "jail" command. 9:33 PM 8/13/2013
- Added popup messages when switching teams. 7:09 PM 10/6/2013

Have any feedback for this build?  Post it here!
May 19th, 2013Team Auto-Balance Quick PatchAttention, server admins!  If you're running servers with the Build 38 package, please grab this small patch and replace the game library:

Windows: gamx86.dll version 1.928
Linux: version 1.928
(Note: These links will likely be dead after the next full release.  They're just a temporary patch).

Simply extract the file to the paintball2/pball/ directory and replace the existing gamex86.dll or

I made a small error when cleaning up some of the team code, and the auto-balance will try to force players to the wrong team, causing a flood of messages and sometimes kicking.  This patch fixes it.  It is only necessary for servers.

While I was in the code, I made a minor tweak to the algorithm as well.  It now takes into account how long you've been playing on the map and will make players that have been playing longer less likely to be auto-switched.

If you're curious exactly how the autobalance algorithm works, or you have some feedback on it, visit this thread.
May 15th, 2013Paintball 2 Build 38 Released!This is a fairly minor update that mostly just has some bug fixes and adds a loading screen for levels.

Here's the complete changelist:

Build 38 Client/Engine:
- Feature: Loading screen. (Thanks to ViciouZ for starting this).
- Bugfix: Fix for mouse not working when fov cvar is set to an invalid value. 7:31 PM 12/15/2012
- Bugfix: Fixed rare crash with footstep sounds. 12:47 AM 1/9/2013
- Tweak: Cleaned up some code to avoid switching between char * and unsigned char *. 7:00 PM 11/28/2012
- Cvar: "s_preload" - Enabled by default, forces precached sounds to load from disk.  Hopefully this will fix the hitches some people have when sounds like flag grabs are played. 12:07 AM 2/26/2013

1.927 (Build 183) Game DLL:
- Cleaned up some code to avoid switching between char * and unsigned char *. 7:00 PM 11/28/2012
- Fixed func_door_secret entities only opening once. 12:40 AM 12/7/2012
- Fixed issue with certain doors and plats destroying equipment when they shouldn't. 12:41 AM 12/7/2012
- Fixed issue in tutorial map where if you start in debug mode or with bots, then disable debug mode / remove bots, you would keep getting points for touching the enemy flag. 12:46 AM 2/26/2013
- Precached some grenade sounds. 12:46 AM 2/26/2013
- Added "supportedmodes" command for displaying what modes are supported by the current map. 8:20 PM 4/19/2013
- Fixed issue where observers could become solid. 9:52 PM 5/5/2013
- Made it so people can switch to observer at the game end (just not to other teams). 8:26 PM 5/6/2013
As always, feedback is welcome, so post some on the forum!
May 14th, 2013Beginnings of an Official MaplistThere are a lot of custom maps for Paintball 2, which is cool, but potential features down the road, such as ranking and stat tracking, require a more defined selection of maps.  We're in the process of figuring out all of the details, so offer your suggestions here, and vote for maps you'd like to become official here.

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